Presenting Designs Remotely Using Miro

  • 31 March 2020
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Our customer experience team is a cross-office and semi-remote team. We were struggling to document concepts, host conversations, write feedback and showing the whiteboard during virtual meetings. 

That’s how we landed on Miro. I started experimenting with miro as a central location to host tangible deliverables when working with a development team. Anything from the project scope, UX workshops, mapping out workflows, wireframes, and mockups. It became the sharing point when meeting with project managers, fellow designers, and developers.


It solves all of the problems I mentioned earlier. We were able to document early-stage concepts using stickies. We were able to provide feedback, having back and forth conversations virtually using the comments, which was especially useful when working across time zones. The biggest difference it made, was that we could brainstorm, and point to visuals all in one central location. When “whiteboarding” ideas in the office the virtual attendees could now see the content on the miro board, rather than us trying to point the camera at the whiteboard. 


We’re currently using Miro on numerous projects, but one on-going project is redesigning an education platform from the ground up. We’ve accomplished several phases of the design process within one miro board: scoping, prioritization, user persona workshops, journey mapping, mapping out initial workflows, design reviews for wireframes, and outlining user tests. It has been fundamental in this project and has made it easy to collaborate during meetings and on our own time. 


I’m happy to chat with anyone to help your team, and share what has worked for us!  Feel free to read more about my story and how I’ve integrated Miro into my design process here -


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