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  • 11 November 2021
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Fellow mironeers,

As some of you may have allready noticed some of my #miroArt on linkedIn. I consider myself a Miro-Artist and use miro to create pictrues and other creative stuff with sticky-notes/ shapes. I do not create them for any special purpose but to bring me and other miro-users joy.

I want to share some of my artpieces with you and would appreciate your feedback. Some of them can also be found and used on miroverse. Feel free.


The #MiroLisa: Made with 21.369 Sticky Notes/ Shapes 


The Boss Baby: Made with 16.194 Sticky Notes/ Shapes 


Funko / SquidGame: Made with 8.408 Sticky Notes/ Shapes 


Who of you is also creative in miro and made some art yourself? Would love to see, how others do it


Rgrds Said

8 replies

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@Said Saddouk 

Here’s a few Miro as art posts to check out. 



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Awesome @Max Harper. I missed that challenges. Seems like it is a very creative community out there. :muscle_tone4:

Looks amazing! Thank you for sharing this MiroArt, @Said Saddouk :heart_eyes:

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Looks amazing! Thank you for sharing this MiroArt, @Said Saddouk :heart_eyes:


Thanks @Marina, I appreciate it. It is always fun to be creative and playful.


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Here are some more artpieces from my #miroArt Gallery.





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@Said Saddouk -

These are gorgeous! You could set up a side gig taking personal photos and Miro’izing them - I’m sure there are folks who would pay well for that!


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Thanks @Kiron Bondale. I allready thought about that and mirofized a selfportrait of myself but haven’t had any requests from anyone yet. I think stuff like that would also make some great nft’s :)

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Some more #miroArt