Miro/me and GDPR - Time to say goodbye ...

  • 4 December 2021
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Hi folks,

in 2019 my way and journey with one of the biggest / best tools online started. Miro was my tool. It was the way

  • I thought
  • I worked
  • I lived

I’ve done lessons / classes and coaching with miro.
Everything I planned - even privately -  I’ve done with miro.
I enjoyed every second I had with my boards.

Every time I worked with miro I was blown away what I can do with it ...

But then GDPR came and I had to search for an other tool that fits more to my needs.

So I searched for alternatives and I found them:
Two competitor tools - yes the servers they’re running are placed in Europe

I now test them extremely and it looks that I really move to one of them.

With one tear in my eye I’ll now go into the present christmas time … but also I really look forward that I can use in January a full Collaboration tool like all of you Non-European already are doing.
Just imagine you can do everything you do in miro, without collaboration … this is the big restriction I’ve got …

I just want to say thank you all in this fantastic community:

@Marina who supported every user here and was the spirit and the woman of the first hour:
Without you this community hadn’t grown so big - and of course to all other @mironeers (Please Marina would you tell everybody a big: Thank you:hugging: )

@Robert Johnson who is never to tired to answer an user question and to support and help. 
Without you miro wasn’t this what it is.

@Kiron Bondale who follows the path of Robert and is also a loyal miro user.
Without you and your presence miro looses someone important.

I really feeling honoured that I had the privilege to be part of this great community …
The next weeks I will reduce my participation here - It is time to let an other person be No3 in the ranking list …

All the best and wishing you a nice Christmas time with one of my new favorite videos:


5 replies

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Thanks for all of your contributions to the community @mlanders , and I will be sorry to see you stop using Miro, but I totally understand the need for regulatory compliance! Hopefully Miro is able to more fully address GDPR requirements in the future and you can resume your usage of it!


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@mlanders, I'm awfully sorry see you go :sob:

And I'm sorry that I couldn’t solve this issue for you.


A huge thank you for all your support during this 1,5 year from the very first day of the community forum launch. And I remember you being #1 on the leaderboard! I hope you enjoyed this exciting journey with the Miro community :handshake_tone2:


Good luck :heart:

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@mlanders we’re very sad to see you go and we’re so grateful for your contributions to Miro the company and the Miro community! You have been such a bright light here and a fixture of expertise and connection that helped make the community what it is today. You have a lot of friends here at Miro and we’ll miss seeing you, but we know you’ve put a lot of thought into the decision. You’ll always be a member of this community and we’ll be delighted to welcome you back to Miro the platform when the time is right. :smiley:  Don’t be a stranger! And DO reach out if there’s anything we can do to support you in the future! If you need a reference, this crew has got you! 

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So sad to see you go @mlanders :disappointed:

It has been a real pleasure working and collaborating with you! We will definitely miss you a lot

As @Alexis Luscutoff said, please don’t be a stranger! :purple_heart:

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@mlanders - If I am reading this all right, Miro is now GDPR compliant: