Miro for PhD Research

  • 4 November 2022
  • 5 replies

Hi Lovely Miro Peeps :) 

I have been trying to use Miro to manage my PhD Research and spotted a couple of threads that are about a year old now so I wondered if anyone has also been trying to do this recently and might like to chat ? 


5 replies

Hi Deborah,

I’ve used Miro extensively for my Master’s research - I know it’s no PhD, but it was really suiting and really helped me build a gigantic mind-map populated with concepts, quotes, links and tables. I iterated a lot on conceptualizations and figures, and some I built directly in Miro to integrate in the final thesis - super convenient. So I know I will use Miro if I ever do a PhD !

If you want to chat and discuss some specific features or designs, don’t hesitate.

Wishing you good luck for your research !


Ah thanks so much David-Pierre for replying ! That’s great to hear ….  like you I’ve been using it for figures and diagrams and have a sort of Master Miro board that I am using like a dashboard to keep an overview things but am looking for some inspiration - it would be great to chat and perhaps see some examples of how you used it for yours if you have a moment or two ? 

Thanks again 

Kind regards


Hi again !

A link can be more explicit than words, so I’ll send it to you privately. I’m a bit in a rush for the two weeks to come and will have trouble finding appeased moments, so I figured you might be interested in taking a look in the meantime.

Happy to discuss it when time allows :)

Dear Debbie, 

interesting question! I have the same :-)

Let’s discuss & share?

Regards, Claudia

Hi Deborah,

I’m starting a Phd this year and I thought it might be a good idea to use a Miro board as well. I already used it to choose my subject and write my proposition but I feel it could be useful in order to organize day-to-day work (seminars, to do lists, bibliography, time tracker...). I am already using for some of these applications but if you want to share some ideas on it I would be more than happy to do so.