Miro for Online Coaching

  • 11 June 2020
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Hi, I am starting learning Miro. I am a certified coach and would like to improve my on line sessions with my coachees. I think Miro could help me with a disruptive way to interact with him/her.

Any idea or suggestion ??

Many thanks !!

6 replies

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@Javier Catalina -

Could you provide more details about your approach - is this 1:1 coaching or team coaching? Are there any standard coaching practices or exercises which you are using with the coachees which you’d be looking to re-imagine with Miro?


Dear Kiron, nice to meet you and thanks a lot for your interest in my question.

Normally, I coach 1:1, doing 5-6 sessions with different activities to explore and help the coachees.

One exercise I usually do is a selection of values from a list. For this I intend to prepare a template with 50 stickers and work on line with the coachee. Miro should be great for this !!

I wonder if other coahes are using Miro for their 1:1 sessions and could give me ideas ….

Thanks again !!

PS. I am ACC coach by ICF

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Thanks for the context @Javier Catalina !

Let me know if you could use any assistance with board design or approaches for your exercises as I’ve spent a fair bit of time adapting a number of our in-person course exercises to Miro over the past couple of months.

I’ve got my ICP-ACC certification (Agile Coaching) and have spent a reasonable amount of the past decade working the coaching arc with individuals and teams.


Great !! Will work on this and let you know in case of doubts or questions. Many thanks and take care.

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@Javier Catalina  I do mostly group coaching although I don't see how the platform cannot be just as useful for 1:1 :) Here are some examples of coaching tools that I use, translated in Miro.


Wowww. Impressive !! Really good examples. Thanks a lot for these ideas !!! By the way, I think we are already connected in Linkedin …. Keep safe !