Miro board designers for workshops: do they exist?

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Hi everyone, my business has an 8 month B2B Strategic Partnerships Program that in the old days of f2f workshops, we delivered in 3 modules of 2-3 days per module (plus some other support activities like one-on-one coaching).

We initially moved 2 of the program modules online using Zoom, PDFs of our original workshop materials, and then Mural. And then we discovered the joy of Miro and have been using it with shorter programs since the end of 2020.

We are now looking at redesigning our 8 month program to be completely online, with all the content in Miro - both our design and the participants’ work over the 8 months too.

While we’ve been forced to gain a bit of experience doing this over the last year, we’re trying to find a Miro expert with (we guess) a visual design / UX design background who can help us:

1) design an overall Miro board(s) structure that supports the program’s structure and participant activities - which we’ve redesigned to move from f2f to online delivery;

2) create a consistent set of board elements and looks & feel, so participants find each new session familiar and easy to understand; and

3) building a Miro board that’s consistent with that overall structure and look & feel (using content from our participant materials, existing Mural and Miro boards). We’re planning to have this board ready so we can start participant induction into the program in July.

My BIG QUESTION is… do such magical people exist?? Is there anyone the community can recommend?

I’ve followed and read the many great resources community members have put together, and this has definitely given me confidence that we could work it out if we absolutely have to - but has also convinced us that this is expertise we should pay for!

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Hi @Tristan Forrester!


Yes we do exist! As the North American Miro User Group Leader, I have been exposed to many types of workshops, and so I believe I would have a lot to offer in terms of overall look and feel, but also to flow, instructions, and ensuring the outcomes for the workshop/event are met. I also focus on creating experiences that are welcoming for new Miro Users and satisfying for seasoned Miro Pros.

I would be happy to walk you through some of my designs and give you a few links to the Virtual Miro User Group events that I host monthly so you can see my approach to event/workshop facilitation in Miro. I can also provide a reference in this area, as I am currently working with someone to develop workshop activities in Miro to support a conference.

Feel free to DM me here to get the ball rolling, and then we can start communicating via email if you are interested in moving forward.

Thanks, I look forward to hearing back from you!



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Hi Jon, it sounds like you’ve definitely got what we’re looking for, so let’s continue the conversation. I’d love to see a few of your designs, thanks. Maybe I could have a look at these over the weekend (which has started for us here in Australia) and then we try and speak on your Monday PM / my Tues AM?

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Sounds good @Tristan Forrester.

To get you started, here are my submissions in the Miroverse, which are more functional tools/templates rather than event design, but it should give you an introduction to the way I approach things:

  1. Cross Functional Flowchart Template - https://miro.com/miroverse/cross-functional-flowchart/
  2. Lean Project Charter Template - https://miro.com/miroverse/lean-project-charter/


You can also check out a recent Virtual Miro User Group Event that my fellow North American User Group Leader @Annie hosted around what some of our former speakers are up to, and how they continue to use Miro. We got a lot of great feedback on the Panel Discussion design/layout on the Board, which you can see around 9:25 of this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wwNgtK_RxXg&ab_channel=MiroMiro


I can show you more of my designs when we meet, and I will DM you a link to my calendar so you can find a time that works for our schedules. 


I look forward to connecting with you Tristan, have a great weekend!