Miro as Change Agent

  • 30 November 2022
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I’m starting a New Topic here because I didn’t see anything else close to it.

I am a new Miro user and LOVE the product. It has made a big difference in my work from a project I recently got into. I wanted to start a “Miro as Change Agent” topic to see if others have similar stories of the power of Miro and process visualization.

My Story

I am the new Director of the Office of Extended Studies at Ithaca College. Part of my work is to create opportunities for high school learners to be with us on campus in the summertime for our pre-college programs. I just got through my first summer and immediately noticed how many challenges there were with the administrative processes for on-boarding participants because of all of the various systems, software, processes, and offices that are involved in these programs. 

So, I decided to do a stakeholder study to study the process a user (customer) goes through … from seeing a piece of our marketing, to applying, to enrolling, to paying, to experience, and completing the program.

My first step was to create a flow chart to illustrate the process from start to finish and then share it with the various offices across campus … with the main question of “how can we make this process more streamlined for the user and for those who administer the program.” In each of the stakeholder meetings (with Admissions, Enrollment, Registrar, Finance, etc.) I showed the chart and everyone was sold on the mission of making the process more streamlined. The visualization was extremely important to this process of discovery and uncovering.

I was happily surprised to hear my Admissions colleagues say how much they loved the “road” that I built in making the flowchart and then suggested that we join our roads together as they have similar roadmaps and processes. That was EXACTLY what I wanted to hear. 

Miro and Flow Chart Visualization of Processes made a big difference in my work and I’m using Miro more and more to illustrate these processes and connections across our campus to effect change.

I just wanted to share. I’m interested in how others have used Miro to help with change and persuasion in their lives and work.



Eric Machan Howd
Director of the Office of Extended Studies
Ithaca College

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Fantastic story. I am lucky to work for a Global team that helps make change easier across the network for over 325,000 people and infinite whiteboard technology is an amaze enabler in what we do. Happy to connect separately to share learnings, thanks!