Miro and ISO training--my transformation

  • 29 April 2021
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Like many others, pivoting from in-person training to virtual training was painful using Zoom, teams, LiveWebinar and Webex. The topic of international standards like ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and ISO/IEC 17025 have the potential to be incredibly boring, even in person. My role play roles and physical gestures were a mainstay to keep students awake!

It only took seeing Miro once to already see the potential for engagement of every person in the room and deepening their understanding.  And most of all, be able to apply the concepts!

Building in Miro for the activities was straightforward thanks to being able to use or create templates. The timer keeps people honest. For training, Miro saved the day.

Within our own company, however, we have taken uses of Miro to the next level. We use it to design training by mind mapping concepts and then ordering content in logical sequences. And of course, rearranging the content and activities as the concepts get refined.

I love having easy access to reference documents right on the board and it amazes me that everyone can be flipping through the same document at their own pace.  I thought my flipping a page made that page visible for everyone.

Using Miro for content design for training reduced our cycle time from idea to publish. And the asynchronous contributions to the boards helped us navigate the different time zones and capture ideas when they were fresh.

Thanks, Miro. 

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Love the share, @Diana Baldi! I’m all in with Miro for my training and workshops. If it’s okay to ask, would it be possible to see some screenshots on how you’ve transformed boring ISO training in Miro? I’m sure it will be inspiring!