Mindmap Downloader is here!

  • 17 February 2022
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You can now add Mindmap Downloader to your board via Marketplace.

Currently it supports exporting a classic mindmap to a heirarchy CSV.

We’d like to support other data structures and filetypes so please send us any examples of what you think the app is missing.


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3 replies

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this is great! i’d like to see something similar for a kanban board, if you’re up to it :)

Hi @gavin032 !
Great app!

I’ve been working on an app to manipulate mindmaps and in the WebAPI v1 it was working, but not on v2 there is no ability to programmatically see any but the root node.

Have you looked into v2 yourself? Any thoughts on a way around it?

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@DaleDeSilva - It is unfortunate that this functionality was not available in the initial release of SDK 2.0.

This also broke an app called Cardsy. It was initially developed as a quick way to duplicate text, shapes, or stickies into cards, but later enhanced to duplicate mind maps (root and child nodes) into cards - something that Miro doesn’t natively offer. My personal use case for this was to brainstorm with a mind map and then quickly convert the output into cards for further action, e.g., in a Kanban.

In the meantime, I would suggest upvoting the the CRUD MindMap request in the public roadmap.

I would also suggest leaving a reply in the following post that includes a few Mironeers:


Lastly, here’s a link to the Cardsy app by @Yash that still creates cards from text, shapes, and stickies in one step → https://cardsy.yashbhalodi.me/