Meeting recording, real case

  • 8 August 2021
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I've seen many many tutorial, they are great...

But, I am looking for a real workshop video.

I wish to see how people interact at real time, not just Miro’s team explaining how it is meant to be.

If you have any video/recording of a real user, I'll be glad to get one.


2 replies

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@Jonatan Lipsky - You could watch one of the Miro user group videos where a facilitator presents an agenda, gives some tips on using Miro, and then has attenders participant in real time.

Here's one example - there are others in Miro's YouTube channel.


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Hey @Jonatan Lipsky, I do 100% of everything on Miro as a facilitator. Here are a couple from the archives where you can see how the audience participate and interact on Miro:

‘Management 3.0 Live Webinar’


Joint session with Joshua Davies at Miro Distributed 2020


And a playlist of live session visuals using Miro: