Let's celebrate May's Most Active Miroverse Creators!

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Hey Miro Heroes!


Super excited to continue our tradition of celebrating our most active Miroverse Creators of the month! 


To support them, ❤ their templates on Miroverse and leave your compliment in this thread.




In May, we have two leaders — @Henrik Ståhl and @Said Saddouk! They submitted three templates each! Check them out: 


Congrats to the winners! Let’s share our love with them! 😍

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Oh wow, what a coincidence! You know, since @Said Saddouk and I were the Dynamic Duo during Into the Miroverse’s #MiroArtwork creative chaos segment yesterday. 🤩 (actually a trio together with the one and only @Helena Brandist, but you know what I mean.)

Thank you for the love @Anna Savina! 💜


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Thanks @Anna Savina ! So the benchmark for june is four templates, I guess 🤔🤓