Kudos to Robert for getting to #1 overall!

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As you can see below, @Robert Johnson, is within a hair of passing my score as “All time” active member of the community!  I’ve held this position for a number of months and am more than happy to pass my “gold medal” to Rob who provides an unbelievable level of support to the members of this community!


Great work Rob, and richly deserved!


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Thanks, @Kiron Bondale! And thank you for your guidance and support ever since I joined in this forum.

I came here some questions and was quickly drawn into contributing myself after receiving quick, helpful responses from people such as yourself, @mlanders, @Jonathan White, and @Isman Tanuri.



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I can’t say enough good things about the amazing contributions that you have made @Kiron Bondale and @Robert Johnson

As a holder of many volunteer positions, one of the biggest reasons I end up volunteering in certain roles is because I am afraid that if I didn’t do it, it might not get done or done well. I have absolutely 0 concerns about that in the community thanks to the amazing efforts of the top contributors and collaborators, which include @mlanders and @Isman Tanuri and so many others!


Cheers and congrats Rob!

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@Robert Johnson @Kiron Bondale @Jonathan White @Isman Tanuri …

This community is amazing and people like you are all mindblowing - everyone here is

  • helping
  • “screenshotting”
  • showing examples
  • seeing examples
  • giving answers and in much cases
  • getting answers by following …

@Robert Johnson @Kiron Bondale Your enthusiasm for miro is everytime there and your No 1 / No 2 positions showing you’re mironeers although you’re not working at/for miro.

Who ever had the idea to set up a community like this - with this “Miro-Heroes-Point-System”:

It’s working

Thanks to @Marina and everyone @miro who decided this:

A perfect idea to push a community thought onto the top and to give it’s members like us such an ear and mouth to

  • say what we like to have
  • say what we like/dislike
  • show what we want to know/ask
  • help with our answers
  • and to give our self-efficacy such a big platform

altough it could be a risk for a company but miro once decided to do so.

This community is the perfect example of how a community should work and miro made it alive! 

Everyone of us got the privilege to work with one of the best tools in the world in one fo the best living communities in the world!

Thank you miro and thank you @Robert Johnson :trophy::medal::boom:


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Thanks @mlanders ! When I joined the community a year ago, you were the community leader who inspired me to help others as much as I could and I’m glad to see that @Robert Johnson and others have drawn similar inspiration to creating a supportive community for our members!