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  • 16 November 2020
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Hello there :blush:

Have you ever wanted to give a shout-out to other community members because they are helpful, caring, or just awesome and have made your day? This is the place! 

:revolving_hearts:  In the comments below, @mention the community peer(s) you want to thank and add a couple of sentences describing what this person has done for you :revolving_hearts:


Let it be the longest thread ever :heart_eyes:


P.S. May I take the chance to say how amazing you all are? We are so proud of our Miro Community :heart::blue_heart::green_heart::yellow_heart::purple_heart: 


6 replies

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@Marina - great idea! I’d like to start by thanking you, @Lena Shenkarenko, @Kate Ivanova & @Boris Borodyansky for the great support you’ve provided to community members over the past months that I’ve been part of it!


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My kudos go to @Robert Johnson@Isman Tanuri@Kiron Bondale and @mlanders for being so incredibly generous with your time to share your expertise and creativity.  I’ve learned so much from all of you! :hearts:

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Thanks for the shout-out, @Kim Roth Howe, otherwise I’m not sure I would have seen this post!

And thanks to

  • @Jonathan White & @Annie for getting me involved in the North American Miro Virtual User Group NORAM VMUG.
  • @Kiron Bondale for the never ending examples of excellent advise, tips & tricks, and troubleshooting questions to ask users as we support them in their Miro journey.
  • @Max Harper for taking the time to answer my many Miro questions.
  • @Yash for building the Miro web-plugin Cardsy and for following up on my request to add Mind Map nodes to the list of generatable objects.
  • @Tolya Filippov, @Matt Mulholland, @Xenia, and @Timm Shrago for taking the time to chat/answer my questions.
  • @Marina for all of your amazing work in keeping this community an engaging place for us to all learn from each other! :clap::clap::clap:
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First a big thank you all mironeers here in the community.

So @Marina , @Lena Shenkarenko & @Kate Ivanova & @Natalie Larino & @Boris Borodyansky & @Timm Shrago & @Tolya Filippov & @Matt Mulholland & @Xenia & @Oleg K & @Kristin for all your work support and everything you do here in this coummunity.

Thank you also to:

@Kiron Bondale@Isman Tanuri@Robert Johnson@Jonathan White for your inspiring works and examples and your enthusiasm here in this (our) community

and all other people all over the https://miro.com/miroverse/ universe who are delivering content for this plattform: Your work is so awsome and everyone of you shows: What can be done with miro!

And thank you everybody else in this community:

Each and everyone of you: Thank you for your questions - your answers - your time:

You make this community what it is

with it’s feeling

- we are all together part of this big something thats hard to describe - something magical all around a cool and incredible webplatform that changed my world and my way of onlineworking!



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Thank you for your kind words Michael! So inspiring, users like you are champions of our product which we would not be the same without. :) 


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Simply the best people supporting fast and furious anytime, amazing human being. Keep that way 2021!!!! All the best.