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  • 13 February 2023
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Hello Miro Community.  


My name is Patrick Seaton, the owner of Innovative Management Toools and I am relatively new to using miro boards, but very excited with what I have seen so far with their potential.


I am a change management consultant and am in the process of converting my facilitator-led, in-person activities created over the last 20 years that used conference rooms and white boards with cards that I designed to help clients overcome common and recurring business challenges and problems by involving small groups of stakeholders in the session.  Visual and engaging sessions with amazing results.


The miro board seems to be an ideal way to bring the over 40 activities into a digital life.  It is very exciting to bring my tools into a new world and open them up for use outside of my personal client base.


If anybody is in the change management and business problem solving arena and would like to open a dialogue, please feel free to connect with me.





3 replies

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@Patrick Seaton 
Welcome to joys of Miro!

Glad you’ll be sharing your wealth of practice and experience with the community.
Your tools may very well be a great candidate for the workflow-template-sharing Miroverse.



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Welcome to the community, @Patrick Seaton !

As you translate your IRL collateral to the virtual world, take advantage of the many great examples in Miroverse and the Miro template library to discover new ways to achieve the same desired objective!


Thank you for the comments, Max and Kiron.  Can you explain in a little more detail what the workflow-template-sharing Miroverse is and how it works and how it is different from the Miro template library?  Or point me to where I can read up on it?  Sounds interesting.