How I create motion design video about Miro

  • 27 October 2021
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Hi! My name is Valery, I'm a motion designer and I'm creating a video about a virtual Miro board in motion design style.

I learned about Miro quite recently when I was faced with the need to structure my ideas. Where to do it, if not on the board? It has all the necessary tools for visualizing connections and generating new ideas. This inspired me to create a video.
What was my surprise when, in search of material to create a general concept, I found out that this is a successful startup from Russia.
First of all, I picked up the music, selectively wrote to some people from the list of subscribers to Miro in different social networks and asked them why they liked using a virtual whiteboard. I studied the content that the guys have in social networks, analyzed the color solutions and generated a color palette for my video.

It's time to start the animation. Here begins the most pleasant part of the work. Based on the music and mood, I sketched a lot of animation options using only primitives - cubes and balls. Here are a couple of animatic shots for this video:

When I managed to achieve a satisfactory result, I moved on to the next stage of creating a video clip. I started replacing dummy cubes with real 3D models. The overall picture is already emerging here, final adjustments and touches are being made.
This is how the scenes I added 3D models to look like.

And that's it for me.

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