How can we show our Miro pride? Is there a Miro SWAG shop?

  • 25 October 2021
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Am I the only person who would do just about anything for a sweet Miro t-shirt or hoodie?! 

I’m such a huge fan, I’d like nothing more than to make all my coworkers jealous by showing off my Miro support!

3 replies

Hi @Stewart Wolfe, it’s so nice to hear! :heart_eyes:

We don’t have a swag shop yet, but I think you might be interested in the Miro Hero program. Pease learn more in the group :wink:

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I just posted my application! Basically wrote a love letter to Miro haha. If I ever get married to Miro, I think I just practiced writing my vows.

Awww @Stewart Wolfe :heart_eyes:

Thank you!