High Value vs. Low Value Projects

  • 2 December 2022
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Hi crew,

Hope your December is off to a great start. I can’t believe 2023 is so close!


As the year comes to a close, I’ve been reflecting on processes that I can improve in the new year. In particular, I’m zeroing in on a better way to fairly assign work.


One of the biggest learnings for us at Use All Five this year came out of our DEI Training with Peoplism - that your employees may find a different level of value in each project than management believes. It’s crucial for employees to feel valued and like their career is progressing, so this exercise of aligning on what’s considered a “High Value” vs. a “Low Value” project becomes paramount to retention.


They provided this worksheet for us that we’ve been using. My plan is to turn this into something in the Miroverse soon.


I’m curious to hear from you:

  • How are you assigning work at your company? Do you look through the lens of high / low value projects currently?
  • Is this a Miro template you would use? Or is this better suited in another tool?

All the best,


2 replies

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Hi @Michelle Murphy

​I think this is a missing piece. We are so often talking about teams alone. But people also matter. You could argue that we should work in a great team and then whatever project we get would be a great result. But from an individual perspective, this is, as you know, wrong. 

Often I see a fixed team for a long time, but, e.g. Jurgen Appelo https://unfix.com/ is writing about the base and then people and team formation. Your Miroverse would be a good part of that formation for that mission (or project).

And yes, I would use it.

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Thanks for your response, @Thomas Larsson at Milky Way !