Has anyone started a new job since the Pandemic began?

  • 29 October 2020
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Hey Everyone, Brad from Miro here. Quick question:

Has anyone in our community joined a new company since the start of the pandemic? Are you working closely with people you’ve never met in person? Have you worked into a new culture without experiencing it in the office? 

How is it going? I’m interested in hearing your experience. What’s working well? What could companies do to make remote onboarding easier? Has Miro helped you feel connected with your team?

Thanks so much for any insights you’d like to share. If you’re not comfortable sharing here, please feel free to email me at brad@miro.com

Thank you!

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Hi @Brad Sanzenbacher 


Yes. I started 4 months ago (and there is from i know Miro). 


I never put a foot in the office, and of course, there are always problems with working remotly. But thanks to several tools (like Miro) those problems are solved quickly.