Find your people in Community Groups and at free events

  • 16 February 2022
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The forum is the hub for Miro community activities! 


Find your people in Community Groups 

Check out Miro’s Community Groups, where you can attend events, connect with people who share your interests, and discuss what you love 24/7. When you find a group that interests you, click “join group” to stay connected and never miss out on top discussions or events. 


Start by joining Community Groups like Miro for Digital Product Design and groups in your native language! 



Connect and learn at free events

You’ll notice that Miro’s events have gotten a makeover. Now our events calendar lives directly in the forum and it contains more events than ever. With topics ranging from Designing Human-Centered AI to an improvised battle of Robots vs. Monsters, there will always be an event for you.



4 replies

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Let us know the first group you joined and the first event you attended in the comments!


I’ll get us started by shouting out Robots Vs. Monsters, which has an improv theme that debuted at Miro’s Distributed Conference in October, 2021! It was part of @Marina’s fantastic Baking Beautiful Boards series. For the event hosts and group leaders - @Rachel and @Jonathan White, you inspire me ⭐️ 

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Just joined the product strategies group...looking forward to learning and contributing! I’m a product manager in cloud computing. :grin:

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@Tristan Pennicott this is great news! @Henrik Ståhl is an enthusiastic and knowledgeable group leader. I know you all will do exciting things together! 

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Thanks a lot @Alexis Luscutoff, really warms my heart to read your post! :star2: But @Tristan Pennicott was actually referring to the Product Strategies group lead by @Ruslan Antipov :see_no_evil:

Really excited about this group taking off! I posted a topic there yesterday. :innocent: