Exquisite Corpse Exhibition on Miro

  • 11 August 2021
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Hi everyone!

We’re hosting an online exhibition on Miro tomorrow eve at 18h00 CAT.

The show is called Exquisite Corpse 5.0 and all the artworks have been created collaboratively by Open Window (a design school in South Africa) students, staff and Alumni.


Here is the exhibition landing page The board link will be posted at 18h00 CAT sharp.





3 replies

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@Nina Torr oh my goodness what a compelling title! And an even more compelling use case! How inspiring that you’re using Miro to showcase art, especially after the last year and a half we’ve had. Thank you for sharing + congrats on the opening!


How did you come up with the idea and what was it like to setup an exhibition in a digital space rather than a physical place? 

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Yay! One more exhibition :heart_eyes:

@Nina Torr Please please come back here after the event and show us a few artworks :pray_tone2:

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@Nina Torr This is SO cool! The board itself is a work of art. How was it received by the audience during the live event?