Examples of User Delight in products we love

  • 16 March 2020
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It's mid-spring, should we talk something pleasant, like User Delight?

We have all experienced it: this "wow" moment, this "they already know me" feeling, an extra mile that a great product has walked to delight you. Be it Asana's unicorn, flying across your screen like a shooting star, or Trello's confetti, or Typeform's delightful microcopy—they all make a customer go "oh, coool"!

User delight refers to any positive emotional affect that a user may have when interacting with a device or interface”, says the definition. Yes, we human beings are driven by emotions! Where do these emotions lead though? Well, rumor has it, they can make your product sticky, serve your Net Promoter Score, and eventually help you fight churn.

In this superb article by CopyHackers you can find some examples of how other companies added more delight into the mix https://copyhackers.com/2019/08/user-centric-delight-audit-saas/

Can you name one delight that you came across in any product you have recently used?

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