Bragging rights: Share the most creative artwork you have made natively within Miro!

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As inspired by @Sam Shennan, this is a call to all the creative folks out there who are using Miro!

If you have created some artwork natively (i.e. without copying and pasting or uploading content from outside of Miro) which you feel is worthy of exhibition in a museum (or at least your foyer :joy: ), please share it with the rest of the Miro community below!

To avoid conflict of interest and because I don’t have a visual creative bone in my body, I will not be submitting my “chicken scratch” Miro drawings :wink:

Since I guess I should share just how bad my drawings are:

(It’s an eye if you were having difficulties with it :-) )


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Thanks @Marina !

@Kiron Bondale yes, they’re seasoned illustrators so they used Wacoms/Cintiqs. They said they loved working with the limitations of Miro’s pencil tool - made for an interesting challenge!


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@Nina Torr if there is ever another exhibit. You must let us know! That board and artwork is fantastic!

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Thanks, @Kyle.C ! Will definitely share future events!

We’re also having a ‘walkabout’ of this one on Discord/Miro on Wed 26 August 18h00 (CAT)

Discord server:

Exhibition link: 


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Hey! I know this is an old thread, but I wanted to post something I made yesterday because your posts really helped me figure some things out along the way. Yay for the pen tool!