Batch AI/Mior assist on same objects

  • 25 January 2024
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When using Miro assist on 2 or more items wich are same types, cannot use a thing as simple as “translate to”

you have to do it for each label… Nonsense.

And at the end of the process of one translation, miro decides to zoom on the text label  each time ! so user have to unzoom each time… What a time loss >< 

2 replies

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@David Le Bas 
You may want to try one of these Miro plugins:

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Thanks for sharing this question @David Le Bas! We’ve made some updates to Miro Assist. To learn more about this feature and all other Miro product updates,  join us on March 13 or 14, for our What’s New Product Webinar. You’ll hear directly from our Product Marketing team about how you can use these features to just make work, flow!


Hope to see you there too @Max Harper 😊👋🏿