Happy 1 year, online community! Let’s eat some cake 🎂

  • 14 April 2021
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Happy 1 year, online community! Let’s eat some cake 🎂
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Hi Miro Heroes, 

:balloon: I’m excited to share that today we celebrate the first anniversary of the Miro Online Community


It’s been only a year, but so many great things happened in this space. A huge thank you to each of you who contribute to this community, inspire your fellow Miro Heroes with stories and boards, and create community-wide success by sharing the knowledge and experiences.


:trophy:  Our year-one wins and achievements

Here’s a by-the-numbers breakdown of what we’ve done in just a year’s time:

  • 15,000+ Miro Community members 
  • 17,000+ posts (keep them coming!)
  • 3,000+ answered questions :muscle_tone2:
  • 550 Miroverse templates
  • 375 Miroverse creators
  • 50 submissions to How Do You Miro? template challenges
  • 25 Wish List ideas brought to life in the product
  • 23 virtual Miro User Group events (Catch up on our past events)
  • 6 online groups


:earth_americas:  Community chapters around the world

Chapters are springing up everywhere and turning local creative thinkers into members and collaborators. Find one nearby or form one in your city.

AMERAustinLos AngelesSan DiegoWashingtonLATAM regional chapterNORAM regional chapter

EMEAAmsterdamBerlinBudapestMilanMinskRhein Ruhr, CairoEMEA regional chapter

APACDelhiKolkataMelbournePakistanTamil NaduAPAC regional chapter


:heart:  Kudos to these Miro Community trailblazers

Here are a few of the creators and ideators who’ve led the way: 

@Kiron Bondale​ @Robert Johnson @mlanders @Isman Tanuri @Max Harper @Kyle Chipman @Kyle.C @Jonathan White @Annie @razburciu @Ana Oarga @Natalie Mandriko @Tarcila Shinno @Joshua William Davies, and many others. 

Thank you for your support and input during the very early days of the Miro Community!


Congratulations, everyone, and here’s to another year of community awesomeness! 🥂


:question:  How has Miro Community helped you during this year? Tell us about your experience in the thread :blush:


7 replies

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Congratulations for the milestone, @Marina and team! It’s been a wonderful journey indeed. This place has been such an amazing resource for me personally. Lots of ideas, quick fixes and camaraderie! Looking forward to the community’s next milestone and evolution.

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You’ve been such a solid force in building this and such an absolute joy to work with and be in community with. Thank you so much for your diligence and creativity!  You make this a warm, wonderful and meaningful home to return to and contribute to. :) 


It’s exciting to see these stats and mark this moment! 


Answering your question “how has the community forum helped me this year?” ... 

  • Personally: So many ways of learning new techniques and getting insight into different and better practices. 
  • Socially/Spiritually: it’s let me find a community of people committed to the visual think collaboration revolution that I personally yearn to see transform the way society thinks. I’ve met some wonderful kindred spirits - not only, but esp those in that leaderboard list. What a service you leaders have been providing...what a culture you’ve been building. 
  • Professionally: fun news - I’ve actually landed 3 paid Miro App development gigs through this forum (all in the last 2 months actually). It’s been so rewarding to build what amount to these magic whiteboard tools with and for the dreamers in this community (ex:). It’s such a creative feedback loop and honestly a dream job coming true for me. I hope others are finding similar value here— there’s such a wealth of talent, creativity and innovation in this forum. Like... I can’t wait to hire and collab with a number of others I’ve met here.  

This forum is awesome and @Isman Tanuri says it well — it’ll be amazing to see what happens next for this community. 

Congratulations all,
Onward !  

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Amazing growth for only 1 year! Look at those numbers! It’s a special thing to see people from all over the world work together like this.

These stats are especially significant:

  • 15,000+ Miro Community members 
  • 17,000+ posts (keep them coming!)
  • 3,000+ answered questions :muscle_tone2:


That’s a lot of people, asking a lot of questions so that they can be better at what they are doing. Whether it has been for work or for personal use. This is a community who wants to do great things.

Yay! :tada:


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That’s amazing! Congrats Miro Online Community & every member of this community! :slight_smile:

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@Marina :

Yes - miro has changed my daily workflow - I sum it up here:

And of course the community has taken it’s place deep in my heart - everyone of you.

I have learned so much and I’m so greatfull to be part of this precious community - Thank you for a phantastic year - miro and it’s community has changed my life in many ways!


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Thanks, everyone :hugging:

Actually, all thanks to you and the whole Miro Community for this space and the way it works and looks today :revolving_hearts:  

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Add the damn dark mode already.