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  • 1 July 2020
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When retrieving all the widgets for a board, you appear to get the x and y but the width and height is not set or is missing. For assets like the AWS icons there isn’t even a reference to the icon being used for the widget that I can see?

I am trying to create a tool that will update the board by placing tickets around a given widget on the board. I have done this fine with because the position and dimensions of each object is available, but with the miro api those values appear to be missing?

Hopefully this is just user error and any guidance would be appreciated 


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3 replies

Standard shapes appear to have a width and height so I guess this might just be more complex / custom widget types. Is there anyway to the dimensions of those types? There is a scale that changes if you resize them, but there is no reference to the original width or height any where!? :sad-panda:

Hi Craig, 

This is a known limitation within Miro API at the moment, but the team has it on their plate. Is there any other way you could approach the issue? Would the use of web-plugins instead of REST API help your goal in the meantime? 


Thanks for the reply. I need to look into the difference I guess and see what a web-plugin can do. The tool I am writing needs to query our JIRA board using the devs credentials and then update the miro board. Currently I use a nodejs app run locally to do that, so access to the JIRA data via a web plugin might be an issue too.

Another blocker for me might be getting any plugin that I do create approved for our Enterprise version at work, but I can resolve that with the powers that be if that is an issue.