Why is the "Double-Click function for last object used" removed?

  • 29 January 2022
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When functions in a software solution is removed it almost always has a good reason. This time I don’t understand why it’s removed? Is the problem that many users leave unused items on their MIRO board after doubleclicking? Well that might be a problem for some, but for a vast amount of other user it sets us back in productivity. I use this tool when I do workshops with my customers, and Ctrl-C/Ctrl-V doesn’t fullfill my needs for productivity. So my suggestion is to make the doubleclick function available again, or to make it an option in settings for those who want to use it.

2 replies

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@Bent O. Hansen -

You can upvote this wish list idea here: https://community.miro.com/wish-list-32/bring-back-double-click-to-add-the-last-object-used-6812


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Definitely a mistake from Miro to remove double clicking functionality. I am devastated.

The reason they gave was that 2/3 times when users created a sticky with double click they removed it soon. I don’t think this data tells directly that people find double clicking functionality confusing or bad. I love it and still often remove stickies I create with it soon. But even if 2/3 did not understand it there is no point ruining the user experience for 1/3 of the user base… At the least it should have been changed to toggle in the settings.

I really lost my trust in the Miro team with this one.