Web SDK Image Upload with base64 encrypted url - will it be continued or deprecated?

  • 3 August 2023
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Dear Miro-Developer Team,


I absolutely love the feature of uploading images through the Miro Web SDK as a base64 url. Moreover I have submitted an App that is already leveraging this workflow. Nevertheless this feature is still experimental and i wanted to asked to questions regarding that.

First of all I would be interested wether you plan on continuing this upload method? In my opinion it is a pretty straight forward approach in uploading images and of course would like to see it being officially implemented in the Web SDK.

Moreover I sometimes notice an error that is thrown especially at connection loss:

Is this rather a random error or might this be something more crucial and might be a hurdle for the implementation of this feature further down the line?

Looking forward discussing this topic and feature.


Kind regards, Max

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Hey @Maximilian Steverding,


All very good and fair questions. We are conscious the feature has been in experimental for quite some time and there are still improvements on our side that we want to do before moving to stable. Even though the feature is still in experimental, we can commit that:

  • This feature will become stable as soon as we finish implementing some of the internal improvements we have planned.
  • These improvements should not introduce breaking changes, so it is safe for you to assume the design of the method and the way it works won’t change with the caveat of the size of the images that are uploaded.

Regarding the error message it doesn’t seem to come from the Data URL operation. We might need more information to investigate where this comes from. Any information (call, payload, context) that help us reproduce it will be very valuable.

Thanks again for reaching out and sorry if this has been confusing. Let me know if there is anything else I can help with.