User Bearer Token returning Unauthorised from API call.

  • 1 September 2021
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I have a user on the system whose User Bearer Token is returning Unauthorised when we call the Miro API. Other users bearer tokens are fine with the same calls.

Can you please let me know how to refresh the bearer token for this user or enable this token to be authorized?

This user has many associated boards which they will still need to be able to retrieve.

4 replies

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Hi @John Roche,


What action this user is trying to do when getting the unauthorised error? Which endpoint returns this error? From what I read it seems to be related to the user access rights and not the access token.


Many thanks for the reply.

I am calling{teamId}/boards with the bearer token in the header.

When I substitute herbearer token for another user it works fine.

The user has many boards which she has created or is a member of and had access to up until last week.

If you believe it is permissions, can you let me know exactly how I check her permissions?

On the web site she is a member of the team and has full access.

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You are trying to use the Get Current User Boards endpoint right? 

Are you able to use any other endpoint using this user’s access_token? 


One way to check the right linked to the access_token is to use the Get Authorization endpoint. For a given access_token the endpoint will return the team id for which this access token is authorized.


You can then confirm that the teamId linked to the access token is the one you are using in the Get Current User Boards endpoint. 


If not, you need to ask this user to authorize (following the OAuth2 authorization flow) your application, this will generate an access_token for this user in the right team. 

Hi Anthony

Many thanks for the responses, it was the access token which was at fault. We have regenerated this and all is now working as it should.