Upload All Users Profile Images in a Team through API

  • 23 July 2021
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I am working on an App/Integration that will update Miro User Profile Images using another system as the image source. My App has team permissions to team:write scope at the App/Team level. 

When I call the method through the API using the App’s global OAuth Token I receive a 403 Forbidden response code. 

My intention is to have the app update all user’s images that are members of the team. The team admin gave permission for the app at the team level. 

Is this not sufficient? 


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@Denny Holodnak  

Just checking … you said ‘global OAuth Token’ … are you positive that that OAuth token is specific to the team-installation of the team that you’re read/writing to? 

Sometimes I’ve had a stored Oauth token from a dev-team installation of my app, and I forget to get the new token specific to the final destination team where I want the app to read/write.  


Install to Dev Team - gives one Oauth token.


Installs to each and every other team gives a different, team-install specific Oauth token.


That Oauth token only grants access permission to one team. 


This might not be what you’re facing. 

Just checking … only because you said ‘Global Oauth Token’.



Thank you I was able to resolve my own issues. It ended up being mostly a http client configuration error on my part and not having the correct header settings on the form fields for the api call.