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ServiceRocket builds 3 new apps on top of the Miro Developer Platform

  • 11 June 2024
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ServiceRocket builds 3 new apps on top of the Miro Developer Platform

Hey, developers!

Want to learn more about the art of the possible on our developer platform? ServiceRocket has just launched 3 new enterprise-ready integrations for Salesforce, GitHub, and Autodesk—each built on top of Miro’s Web SDK and REST APIs. Check them out here:

Salesforce for Miro
The Salesforce for Miro app enables users to interact with Salesforce data from directly within their Miro board. With this new app, you can now use Miro to manage sales activities, account planning, opportunity management, and more, with a direct connection between Salesforce and Miro.

📽️ Watch the demo


GitHub for Miro
This realtime, bi-directional sync between GitHub and Miro enhances collaboration across platforms, reduces costs for product and engineering organizations, and increases efficiency. With the GitHub Connector, you can bulk convert GitHub issues to cards in Miro, search and add issues, and more, facilitating better product planning, streamlining agile rituals, and enhancing brainstorming sessions.

📽️ Watch the demo


Autodesk for Miro
The Autodesk app by ServiceRocket allows users to import files, set different view angles as a widget, instantly capture screenshots, and more. Not to mention, you can bring the complete Forge Viewer experience to your Miro board.

⬇️ Find Autodesk for Miro on the Marketplace:

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