Not able to write metadata

  • 27 January 2021
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Hey Team Miro,

we are currently not able to write metadata with our Plugin (Javascript).

Same problem as described here:


Any ideas?


Best answer by Daniela Gavidia 27 January 2021, 13:10

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6 replies

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The metadata property of widgets has certain limitations mainly the size of data that can be written into it. This isn’t mentioned or specified anywhere in the documentation but when I was experimenting with metadata property the amount of data it can store is capped somewhere between 10kb and 50kb since when I made write operations into metadata that had a lot of data, it got cut off and no more data could get stored at a certain point.

If this is not your case you should provide example of how you are accessing the metadata and what error you are getting

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My plugin has stopped working yesterday because there is some kind of metadata write restriction, when we write the metadata the API reports that write is successful but actually data is not written and no error is thrown as well.


What can be done? This means I can’t use the plugin built based on the API’s standard feature set.

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@Daniela Gavidia I have informed Scott via email, can you let me know how long this will take to fix? It’s a major bug which stops my plugin from working.

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Hello all,
We have identified an issue with metadata update and rolled out a fix. 
Could you check and let us know if it works as expected? Thanks!



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@Daniela Gavidia this now works, thanks for the quick fix.

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Thank you for fixing it!