Miro Web SDK 2.0 introduces flowchart shapes, getOnlineUsers, online_users:updates

  • 15 May 2023
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Good day Miro developers! 🖖 😃 


The Miro Web SDK 2.0 got a couple of new features 🚀 that we’d love to share with you! 💫

  • Flowchart shapes are now available as an additional set of shapes in the experimental shape item.
    ℹ️ Currently, flowchart shapes are available only in the experimental namespace: miro.board.experimental.
  • getOnlineUsers: how many users are currently online on a board?
    Use the getOnlineUsers method to fetch IDs and names of currently online users on a board.
  • online_users:update: apps can subscribe to the online_users:update event to register changes in the number of online board users.
    The event contains an array with user IDs and names of the currently online users.

For more details and for links to the docs, see the changelog 📄

1 reply

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Flowchart shapes !!! 

it’s about to get interesting!