Miro Rest API app_cards are listing all cards from given board

  • 8 November 2023
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I’m trying to get JIRA ticket details from the jira card on a given board , but the below api is returning all the cards ( jira_cards and other cards) and there is no way to distinguish which is app_card and which is normal card 

Also need help in below queries

  1. Get JIRA details from the jira card  e.g. ID, Summary, Assignee and any other fields which are displaying on the jira card
  2.  How to fetch only app_cards for the given frame, right now i don’t see api which can do that



            "id": "3458764569246732225",

            "type": "card",

            "data": {

                "description": "Test2_Dependency",

                "title": "Test2_Dependency"



            "id": "3458764569275656339",

            "type": "card",

            "data": {

                "title": "<p>THis is my normal Card</p>"


            "style": {

                "cardTheme": "#2d9bf0"


3 replies

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Hello Chandra,


Thanks - I’ve replied to a similar response you posted earlier the following:


“Hello Chandra,


Thank you for the question!


You are right, it seems that currently the request returns all card widgets for both card and app_card types in the Query params. 


Let me discuss with the team whether this is going to be fixed in the nearest future!


As for the current way to receive only Jira Card widgets via API - unfortunately, there seem to be no way to get that. However, let me double-check with the team and get back to you if there is a workaround that could help!


Have a lovely day!”

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Can the current card rest api is able to fetch jira id and URL, by using those I can query Jira and get all information

Or is there any other rest as pi available to get the jira id from card

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Hello Chandra,


Again, doubling the response in a similar Community request earlier for visibility:


“I’m afraid it’s not possible - current card data doesn’t mention the Jira connection anywhere in the response, so there isn’t a workaround for this case.


However, we will definitely discuss such possibility with our dev team so it may be applied somewhere in the future!


Thank you for the feedback and for the feature request!”