Lost my boards

  • 8 May 2024
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I lost all of my boards after logging back in. Who can explain this to me?

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@Serena Phan - I created a post dedicated to this scenario.

A common scenario is

  • someone is invited to collaborate on a board in someone’s Free Plan team
  • the newly invited person starts creating boards in the team they were invited to, putting the team owner over their editable board limit, so the team owner/admin deletes the person from the team, resulting in someone now “missing their boards”.

Some things to check quickly before reading my article:

Other things to check

Make sure

  1. You are on the correct workspace dashboard
  2. You are viewing boards in that space
  3. your dashboard view is set to view all boards


If that doesn’t solve your issue, have a read here:


And if things still aren’t making sense, please reply here and let us know what you have learned or if you’re still stuck.