Jira Cards (DC) with OAuth 2.0

  • 5 June 2023
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I struggle to install Jira Cards with our onprem Jira instance (DataCenter) using OAuth 2.0.

What I read from Miro documentation is that OAuth 1.0 is used for onprem Jira instances.

In the german version it is even said that:

The protocol used is OAuth 1.0.

Currently Atlassian only supports this protocol. OAuth 2.0 authorisation code (3LO) is currently in developer preview.


Which is clearly untrue because our Jira instances (v9.x) uses OAuth 2.0 by default.

That’s why the connection between Jira and Miro does not work for our instance, because Miro only supports OAuth 1.0.


So my question is: How can I connect Miro to Jira (DC) - while Miro only supports OAuth 1.0 but Jira only supports OAuth 2.0?

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