Is it possible to change regular card into jira card and track it?

  • 27 September 2021
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I would like to create cards using API and then make it ‘jira cards’ so that they can be tracked later on. Is this possible?

I’ve checked how jira cards look like using api, but it seems that there are no custom fields or any metadata which would point jira plugin to related jira issue.

Is there any way to manipulate jira plugin via api?

4 replies

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Hey, welcome @Michał Bartnicki

While I don’t know how to achieve this with the API, I do know that you can use the Jira Cards app to get it done without the headache. 

I hope this in some way helps,


Hey @Reid Thomas, thanks!

Maybe I need to be a bit more specific. What I want to achieve is to display whole road map for all my squads. So far my product owners are creating stickies, but it quickly gets outdated. That is why I want to replace manual stickies with automatic jira import.

My idea is simple. Dump all Epics from jira to miro. Split them in quarters based on labels and that is it :-)

Looks like I would need to write something like jira cards plugin...

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@Michał Bartnicki,
Makes sense, I hope it works out.

Unito are working on basically what you are describing so it is doable. 

Lemme know how it works out :)

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You can achieve is using the Miro REST API. The Create Widget API allows you to create cards on a Miro board.


You will need to use the Jira API to get the data from Jira and use The Miro API to create the cards (or other widgets) on the board. You could build it in a way that it keeps things in sync by storing the mapping between Jira issues and Miro widgets somewhere and use the Miro Update Widget API.