I'm looking for a developer to create a custom Miro app.

  • 28 May 2020
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If you can help please PM me.


I lead an innovation activity on Miro. I would like to automate some functions, if possible.

I use a grid with 4 columns.

  • Column 1 - Index Letter (A, B, C….)
  • Column 2 - Short statement (text)
  • Column 3 - Leads to Letter - This (Column 2) statement (A, B, C...) leads to this other (Column 2) statement (A, B, C...)
  • Column 4 - Special designator (*) if 2 statements contradict

I create a hexagon shape for each short statement in column 2. I then arrange the hexagon shapes according to Column 3 and connect with an arrow. Based on Column 4 I highlight statements in conflict with a different color.

The result is a map of hexagons connecting to one more other hexagons and conflicting statements highlighted.

Is it possible to read the data on a grid, push a button, and create the hexagons filled, colored and arranged?

Thank you for your time and consideration.



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