I created a draft app but i dont see it inside my boards

  • 21 August 2023
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I created an app according to the https://developers.miro.com/docs/build-your-first-hello-world-app
and i should see my new app under the new apps in my boards inside my developer team.
but i dont see it in any board, anyone have a clue how i can fix it?

3 replies

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Hey @Seo Department, that seems odd! Lets see:

  1. Do you see the app in the app settings? https://miro.com/app/settings/ > Your Apps
  2. Did you configure a App URL and permissions in the settings?

Im not sure its actually required, but I always click “install app and get OAuth token” on the settings page.

Otherwise: is it possible to add me to your developer team and miro and share your repo? my email is `[my first name]@miro.com`

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Thank, yes i did everything and also “install app and get OAuth token” 
it is still not appearing.

this is the repo

i gave access to my team
Thank u very much @Mettin !!

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I have checked out you repo and when I run the code I see the application running :O

One thing: Your app could be ‘hidden’ behind the “+ (More apps)” button. Do you see it there?