Getting user is not in account when hitting share board api

  • 26 August 2021
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As per documentation `` requires array of emails 

Array of emails of users who you want to invite to the board. These users can be registered or non-registered.

When I try with a non-registered user it gives the error ‘user is not in the team’. Why is it so? Can’t we invite someone who is not in the team even if it’s a public shared board? 

If we need to do this, should we initially hit the invite to team endpoint & then call this endpoint. 

Response: 400 

"{ "status" : 400, "code" : "userIsNotInAccount", "message" : "User is not in account", "type" : "error" }"

1 reply

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Hi @Mariappan Subramanian,


Thanks for raising this issue. We realised that our documentation was not clear about this endpoint. We have updated it, you can find the new description here.


From what I see here, it seems that you are trying to invite a user to a board that have a specific sharing policy (you can find the sharing policies here). From the error message, I believe the sharing policy is set to private. You can check the board sharing policy using the Get Board endpoint.


You can update the board sharing policy using the Board Update endpoint.