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  • 16 October 2020
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I would like to get a Object of the whole, complete miro board. Found this article in documentation:  But it doesn’t include any miro board command that can be used like with board widgets for instance which have something like this: miro.board.widgets.get()

tried miro.board.get() but the feedback I get from console is that it is not a supported function, so the question would be if there is any integrated way of getting the whole board as an JSON object for the sake of “replicating” / “duplicating” the board contents on a new board for instance.


Also, how should I go on about getting custom board objects like images to get them on a new board since I would like to get the exact copy of a already existing board which may include .jpg (or similar) files on it. Alternatively is there a different / better way to do a task like this?


Thanks for any suggestions

2 replies

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Hey Sami!

To list all board widgets you can try the following REST API call:


Iz that what you're looking for?

Also, would be great to understand what you're trying to achieve - probably there's another way of doing that.

I understand you want to copy the board, but what's next? 🤔

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Hi Boris,


Thanks for your reply. I tried calling miro.board.widgets.get() but I don’t think this would be suitable for my use case. I’m sorry I should have mentioned already in my initial question my exact use case to make it easier for you, but anyway my use case would be for example this:


A employee in a architectural company for which I’m developing this REST API makes a blueprint of a flat, house, building, etc… He / She initially makes version 1 for example which gets shown to a client. They gather feedback on the blueprint and make further versions, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 and so on. They would like to get the whole board of V1 and use it as a starting point in V1.1 and so on. This may include PDF, JPG, and other similar data files.


I'm currently working on another REST API and meanwhile gathering information on how to start with this project, I believe miro.board.widgets.get() only gathers widgets natively supported by miro (widgets, frames, text), so if I was to call this command with a Example.JPG on the board I think the image wouldn’t be transferred to a new board if I uploaded a JSON file with all widgets from the old board to the new one. Be sure to correct me if I’m wrong.

Thanks for your time.