Create new app button is not shown.

  • 7 February 2022
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I am new for Miro. Try to create a new app, On the Profile settings page, “Create new app” button is not shown. 

Thanks for help.


6 replies

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Hi Yiwen, 

You first need to create a developer team in Miro. Then you should be able to see it!


Hopefully this helps

Thank Addison,

The issue is I unable to create a developer team in Miro. On my profile setting page, there isn’t a button for “Create new app” in “Your App” tab.

I don’t know how to fix it. our company use enterprise plan and has SSO turn on. 

Thanks for any help!

Yiwen Deng

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Hi Yiwen,


What happens when you click this link? Create a Developer team in Miro

Alternatively, can you check with the admin on your Miro account, and see if they can also grant you admin permissions? 

Thanks for replay,

Click the Create a Developer team in Miro, all boards in this team page is shown, i browser to my profile settings, “and in Your apps” tab:



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How many teams do you have, in the left panel? (If you select the drop down)

Could it be that you already created one?

there are only two, one is my free license team, other is team from our company. if i click “+” button, will show “Join more teams”.