Create new app button is not shown.

  • 7 February 2022
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I am new for Miro. Try to create a new app, On the Profile settings page, “Create new app” button is not shown. 

Thanks for help.


6 replies

there are only two, one is my free license team, other is team from our company. if i click “+” button, will show “Join more teams”.


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How many teams do you have, in the left panel? (If you select the drop down)

Could it be that you already created one?

Thanks for replay,

Click the Create a Developer team in Miro, all boards in this team page is shown, i browser to my profile settings, “and in Your apps” tab:



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Hi Yiwen,


What happens when you click this link? Create a Developer team in Miro

Alternatively, can you check with the admin on your Miro account, and see if they can also grant you admin permissions? 

Thank Addison,

The issue is I unable to create a developer team in Miro. On my profile setting page, there isn’t a button for “Create new app” in “Your App” tab.

I don’t know how to fix it. our company use enterprise plan and has SSO turn on. 

Thanks for any help!

Yiwen Deng

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Hi Yiwen, 

You first need to create a developer team in Miro. Then you should be able to see it!


Hopefully this helps