Card Icons. Hierarchical Tags, RDF I/O

  • 4 May 2020
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Hi there, I'd like to do 4 things. I'm wondering if someone has done these, or if there's a simple way to "hack" the functionality. Thanks!

1. Cards with icons. I'd like to be able to add an icon to a card.

2. Hierarchical tags. I'd like to have nesting in tags to import an existing hierarchy.

3. Import RDF. I'd like to create an importer of RDF files, so it would map them to a visual.

4. Export RDF. I'd like to take my mappings and export them to RDF.

3 replies

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@Patrick Keenan -

For #3 and 4, the only workaround would be to use a “go between” format which Miro understands for import or export purposes. 

For #1, you can setup a frame around a card and “attach” the icon to the side of it within the frame. Alternately you could just group the icon and card together.

I’d suggest you’d likely want to open three separate wish list topics for these and provide the benefit or use case to garner more votes from the community…


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@Patrick Keenan , for #1:

if you have some developer muscle or someone to help you out,

there is a way to add SVG icons to cards using both web-plugins and REST API.

an example can be found here:

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1, 3 and 4 are possible with the SDK. 

2 is not possible in any native way manual or via SDK/API. 


1. Cards with Icons


I tested this the other day and it worked. 

                "type": 'CARD',
                "bounds": {
                    "width": //number,
                    "height": //number
                "x": //number,
                "y": //number,
                "scale": //number,
                "style": {
                    "backgroundColor": //string hex color value
                "title": //string with html tags optional,
                "description": //string with html tags optional,
                 "card": {
                         "customFields": [
                             {"value": // I believe any string or number
                        "logo":{iconUrl: "your image URL here"} //maybe subject to CORS restrictions


                "metadata": {
                    [miroAppClientId]: {
                        "key 1": value1,
                        "key 2": value2,
                        "key 3": value3,


Note on CORS wrt image URL:  I am using Glitch to host/serve the plugin files and when the image URL is part of the same CDN as the Glitch app it doesn’t hit any CORS snags. I tried other URLs and some hit CORS issues. 


3,4: RDF I/O: 


Here’s a demo of an early iteration of a Miro plugin we built. Its importing network data from google sheet (sheet 1: entities, sheet 2: relationships referencing source entity and target entity).  It demos out the principle.  If you’re gauging the likelihood of success of investing time developing on Miro .. I can assure you that you can get #3,4 accomplished. 


We’re gearing up to launch some beta testing of a version of that plugin. This refinement, we’re calling Tag Connector, network-connects tagged Miro items.


Happy to continue talking through your ideas and questions for making Miro meet your vision.