Card Due Dates pulling wrong

  • 13 November 2020
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Has anyone else experienced an issue where the due date on your card does not match the “date” field when pulled from Miro?  This is happening in about 50% of the cards I am pulling and for all of them the incorrect date is one day ahead of the correct assigned date.  eg. if the due date is “Nov. 12” the output json from a Python Requests API pull will say “Nov. 13”.  


I have not noticed any correlation with when the cards were created or modified.  

1 reply

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Hello Morgan,


Thank you for reporting this issue. I have tried to reproduce the issue you are experiencing. I created 10 cards on a board and set their dates. Afterwards, I retrieved the card widgets using the SDK and the API. In both cases, the dates were the ones I set manually on the board.


If you (or any other user) is able to reproduce this issue, please post the steps you took to reproduce it and we will investigate further.


Kind regards.



Developer Experience Team