Can I use an external database to populate a Miro map?

  • 28 April 2023
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I have a client who is looking to build a series of career maps, showcasing the relationships between and occupational data for some 60+ occupations. That number will grow over time, and each occupation will also undergo continuous updates. They’d ideally like to store all occupational data in a database that then integrates with Miro to write the occupational data into specific map objects. One of the developer forum posts I saw said that Miro maps cannot be powered/populated by external databases, but I wanted to confirm that and see if anything has since changed. Thanks!

1 reply

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Hello there,

We currently do not support this, but here’s the good news: we are going to have the Mind Map Web SDK experimental release soon. You should be able to use this feature for your use case. Additionally, we will also have a how-to guide that will be published along with the release so you can take a look at how to import data from a CSV file and automatically create mind maps in a Miro board. You can take inspiration from the sample app and use a DAB instead of a CAB as your source. 

Please stay tuned. We will circle back here once the feature is available. You can also check the Miro  Developer portal for updates. 

Thanks and have a good one.