Can I export line position data? Desperate need!

  • 11 November 2023
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In order to save us hundreds of hours of manual work, we must find a way to export line points position data from our miro board!

We also need to be able to export picture position and size data, so we can know where the lines are relative to the background they’re placed over.

2 replies

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Hi @flyingsaucerinvasion,

If you’re interested in exporting line and picture positions, this can be done using our REST API. You can leverage the GET Connectors endpoints to export lines and the GET Images endpoints to export image position details.



@William Bishop  Thank you for your response and what about a Miro implementing a simple number counter for the number of joints, start, & endpoints in a line? We still need this badly!!!

We do appreciate you replying but @flyingsaucerinvasion created his post as a backup to this other post which hasn’t received any response…

Again, we still need a counter for each of the dots (joints + start + end) in a line and it would probably take your team no time at all. We may try the API approach too but we’re skeptical of its power for our use case.