Board name length limit missing from API docs

  • 12 August 2021
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I just discovered the hard way that there’s a name length limit for Miro boards when creating them via the API: 60 characters. I discovered this when a client reported that a system that I’d built for him to automatically create new Miro boards for his projects came back with a failure on one particular project. In the API call, the only thing that I’m passing is the board name, and the intended board name for this project was 66 characters long. Through trial and error, I found the 60 character limit, but was a bit frustrated that this isn’t mentioned in the API docs.

Could someone please update the docs to mention this limit, and maybe any other name length limits that need to be considered when using the API?

2 replies

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Hi @Justin Barrett,

You are 100% right, I have updated the documentation to reflect this. We are working on improving our overall documentation, part of it is to make sure we document these constraints.


Sorry for the inconvenience.


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@Anthony Roux Thanks for taking care of this so quickly!