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Is it possible to integrate Miro with Blackboard? How can I do this if possible.


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@Gamze Tekke

It would be great to see some integrations created

I’d be curious to know what you’re imagining. 

You’ll need a developer to connect the Blackboard api with the Miro api.
looks like lots of capability there





Thank you for your quick reponce.

I want to access and use the miro tool from within Blackboard Collaborate.



I would love to be able to incorporate Miro boards within our Blackboard Learn environment and use the boards within the same UI through the use of an LTI.

I realise I can post links but its not the same as working with a tool via an LTI - better overall experience for our K-12 staff and students.

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@Andy Turner @Gamze Tekke  … 
The Miro embed feature (iFrame of live-editable board…) doesn’t accomplish what you need?  If so … what more / different do you desire?