App Integration -- name value pair/tabular data

  • 27 January 2023
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I have a use case where users would create handoff sheets in Miro. So they might add a section that contains some form data field name/value pair.

Name  XXXX
Company YYYY


I understand the tabular data cannot be pulled via App integration.. 


What is the best way for the user to enter a name/value pair so that the Rest API can pull the data? I would like to see if there is an elegant way for users to input the data and ihe API can map the name-value pairs.

1 reply

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I’d recommend using a card. It has title and description — the user has to open the card to input the second field… and it only shows when I’m the cards expanded state… so it might not fit your UX needs, but it would keep data structured. 

alternatively - use a pair of sticky notes side by side. Before exporting - use auto-format tool — four boxes in a circle icon above and right when you select the stickies. Ensure your stack remains 2 by X. Manually extracting the data by: right click>”export as CSV” will work if you pivot every two values. The data in an API extraction will be easy to parse, because all the (2) stickies in a row will share an identical Y value.