API to track cards on Kanban Board

  • 21 July 2020
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I was looking into building a plugin (Web or via REST both options are on the table) that tracks dates when cards are being moved around on the Kanban board. It looks like I can save some custom data under “metadata” : “app_id” { … } but I couldn’t find the way to query which column does the card belong.

Is there a way in JavaScript or in Rest API to query which column does the card belong to on the board?


Best answer by Ahmed El Gabri 24 July 2020, 11:14

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5 replies

Hi @Vladimir Makayev,

Right now neither the SDK not the Rest API have this information, we are aware of this & might change this in the future.

Meanwhile maybe this comment can help you & give some ideas on how to approach this currently



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Hi @Ahmed El Gabri Is there any way to prioritise this? Or best - give us the whole JSON about the board you have. It would save Miro a lot of work down the line.

It sounds like a very obvious API feature to know which card belongs to which bucket. And also which labels are associated with which cards.

Thanks in advance!



👆 Yes, @Ahmed El Gabri This will be helpful because all actions on the board must be performed manually. There are no possible automatic improvements or pipeline integration.


I am also struggling with the same topic. It is necessary to automate the data collection of the Kanban board to create weekly reports and views. I would appreciate it if you could prioritize the implementation of the API as much as possible.


If you're working with a web-based Kanban board, you may be able to use JavaScript to interact with the DOM and extract company info api about the card's current column. Here's a generic example using JavaScript and assuming that the board structure can be inspected in the DOM:

// Assuming you have a reference to the card element
const cardElement = document.getElementById('yourCardId');

// Extracting the column information
const columnElement = cardElement.closest('.kanban-column');
const columnName = columnElement.dataset.columnName; // Adjust the attribute based on your board's structure

console.log(`Card is in column: ${columnName}`);


This approach relies on the specific structure and class names used in the HTML of your Kanban board. You may need to inspect the DOM elements to tailor this code to your board.